FU-Stamps Blood Suckerz SkrewFace resin figure

$120.00 Sold Out

During a time of his deepest despair Skrewface has turned on the FU-Crew, and put together a group of scumbags. These delinquent hooligans are compiled of the worst Kaiju, Mech heads, and criminals. This band of misfits call themselves the Blood Suckers Corp, and they are led by a darker, more terrorizing version of SkrewFace.

Blood Suckerz SkrewFace is only available through www.Fustamps.com or visit @rios_toy_designs_ and click the link on the bio to order.

This highly detailed figure stands at 7” and is made of resin. He comes in a new purple and green color way and new gang logo! This color way is limited to only 50 pc. Price is $120, and will begin to ship out next week. You don’t won’t to miss the drop as there are no plans to release SkrewFace again.