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FU-Stamps 5th Anniversary Bodega Blade resin figure.


Dega is the tactful leader of the FU-Crew, a gang of rambunctious teens obsessed with martial arts while fighting to keep punk-ass scum off their block.
Dega's name comes from the word Bodega but, the "Dega" name was originally created during a time of ridicule. As a youngin' Dega was often seen helping his grandfather maintain his South Bronx Bodega, and as a result, many kids around the block made fun of him for it. When many of his peers chose to dip in the life of gangsters, Dega opted to read, and practice his fighting techniques. Now as a respected teen, Dega practically runs his "Welo' s" bodega, while the rest of the FU-Crew stand by downstairs in their bodega basement, ready for the slightest violation. Dega's weapon of choice is katana. Most do not get to see this weapon as it is usually concealed in his parka. However, rest assure that if you had seen the sword, you would not be here reading this. .


Material: Resin
Features: Removable sword and Deluxe box
Cost: $160 per pc.
Size: 7 inches tall.
Run Size: 200 pc
Available: June 10th at Fivepoints Fest and online. Online orders will ship in July.